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Approaching access differently

Evidence quality and access have the greatest impact on investment value and profitability. Whether preparing to launch a product or already have a product in the marketplace, we look under the microscope at pricing and reimbursement to position your product as a clear choice against your competition. Whether you seek a product valuation, licensing or negotiations, our team of experts and proprietary analysis tools will connect your product with your patients.

“Access Planning – It’s Always Too Early, Until it’s Too Late”

Value definition and negotiation

We understand the importance of assessing your product’s value in the marketplace. That’s why at LatticePoint our team takes a scientific approach to assessing a medicine’s potential and then overlays the realities of country dynamics, competition and financial incentives to analyze pricing and reimbursement throughout your product’s lifecycle.

Evidence-based approach to:

  • Identifying value drivers and best-available evidence
  • Performing evidence gap analysis
  • Developing payer strategy canvas and value propositions
  • Estimating price waterfall
  • Developing comprehensive pricing strategies
  • Optimizing launch sequence and revenue forecasting

Valuation – Financing, licensing and acquisition

LatticePoint has worked with a number of investors and Business Development teams on the buy and sell-side to value different product technologies, including traditional products and product-based royalty streams sold on the secondary market.

We take a rigorous approach to create a realistic valuation including:

  • Pricing assessments based on relevant comparators and reimbursement dynamics in key countries. We never propose price-deflators for ex-US markets nor should you have to accept them.
  • Epidemiology-driven volume estimates based on literature, approved labels, and treatment pathways enforced by key payers and HTA authorities.
  • Critical assessment of competitor impact and markets events, including reimbursement dynamics, generics, biosimilars, and key policy changes that will impact your product.
  • Primary research capabilities with payers and HTA leaders in key markets to evaluate assumptions, risks and other dynamics relevant to the valuation.
  • Due-diligence support, including assessing reimbursement and competitive risks, partner capabilities, access-related contractual terms and presentation support.

”You know how many patients there are;
do you know how many you can access?”

Business Development and Licensing

Our BD&L services are ideal for companies that do not have an internal market access function, lack international reach, or need to maintain the highest levels of confidentiality around Business Development activities.

We provide:

  • An assessment of key existing and future competitors and a review of the in-country reimbursement decisions and conditions
  • A summary of data and evidence needs and gaps that would support an optimal label for access negotiations and needs for pre- and post-launch evidence generation investments
  • Pricing assessments, including discounting and rebating dynamics and expectations in countries where discounting may be common, but not publicly available
  • Reimbursement and patient access dynamics that may impact uptake
  • An executive summary in a clear, concise format for decision making; availability to present findings

“Patient access is local; we help your affiliates achieve access and defend the value of your medicine.”

Negotiation Support and Execution

Planning for market access and payer-relevant outcomes and needs has to happen early; not when approval is pending. We will work closely and consistently with you through negotiation support and execution to accurately place your product in the marketplace.

We help our clients:

  • Create a negotiation guide with the key value arguments, competitive dynamics and expectations
  • Organize a payer objection handler to address gaps in existing evidence and perceptions
  • Engage with affiliate colleagues to understand the local issues that may cause delays in achieving appropriate prices and quality access
  • For companies without affiliates, we can provide reimbursement dossier support, including submission, response and in-country negotiation support

Access Team Organizational Structure Optimization

Access needs have evolved over the years and vary by company and therapeutic area. We can help you optimize your Market Access team structure to ensure that it:

  • Provides the appropriate skills and support to your in-country colleagues when defending pricing, reimbursement from competitors and government mandates
  • Engages constructively with regulatory and clinical colleagues for both early-stage development, pivotal trial design, post-launch data and evidence needs and non-label-enabling studies that support access
  • Understand how Access impacts the P&L in-country and above-country and why they should seek active partnership with your finance team
  • Attracts, trains and retains the appropriate skills to create a pipeline of talent for your organization – Hint: it isn’t about their education, but their collective experience and attitude


Thought Partnership

Access is not a 1+1=2 dynamic as the goal posts are constantly moving at the local payer level; it is an inherently messy, nebulous issue. Industry was asked to move beyond palliative care, and yet now that multimillion-dollar cures are here, the system cannot absorb them, and patients are denied access. 

Strong clinical science, small studies and regulatory fast-tracking have become far more common, yet “fast to label” is not a guarantee of “fast to patient access”.  Further, simply doing some payer interviews, a cost-effectiveness model and a value dossier does not mean that access is secure for the near-term, much less the long-term. Many people can do the tactical basics; the real question is what else will it take to clinch patient access tomorrow and the next day and the day after that?  Is it really just price?  Is it the system?  How can you get past the “what” of access, to the “how and why”?  What skills, knowledge, experience, or policy change will it take to get there? 

The game has changed – who is your thought partner to help you think through tomorrow’s access problems?

Tender Strategy Development

The strategy for entering tenders is complex and requires different techniques compared with traditional purchasing mechanisms. We develop the organizational capabilities to successfully compete in tenders and provide structures that provide insights into tender design and bid-development. 

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