Case Study

Acquisition Due-Diligence, Rare Diseases Case Study

European growth via acquisition, due-diligence of target company vis-à-vis reimbursement planning, staffing, compliance and risks to deal-valuation model


  • Client sought acquisition of a rare-disease company with European infrastructure to expand geographic footprint
  • Project request was to analyze key products included in acquisition for risks to deal valuation, areas for further investment, and launch optimization needs
  • Constructively engage with other consultants that client engaged

LatticePoint Engagement

  • Assess pricing strategy, risks in local access negotiations, quality of value story, etc.
  • Interview target-company senior leaders for strategic insights, negotiation and launch planning
  • Estimate in-country and above-country headcount needs to optimize launch vs. existing headcount

Acquisition approved by C-suite and board; deal terms adjusted to include adoption of “quiet period” for pricing negotiations to ensure no sub-optimal prices agreed prior to deal-closure.

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