Case Study

Neuroblastoma Case Study:

Achieving rapid access for paediatric patients with a deadly disease


  • A small pharma without a market access team in-licensed an immunotherapy only months prior to commercial launch
  • Product was granted marketing authorization by CHMP under exceptional circumstances
  • LatticePoint developed the pricing strategy for originator/R&D company and was asked by the acquiror to provide the market access support and execution

LatticePoint Engagement

  • Develop launch sequencing to optimize list prices across the EU and minimize reference pricing impact on revenue
  • Evaluate Early Access Program (EAP) opportunities for patient access and revenue generation, including application preparation
  • Evaluate and develop Managed Entry Agreements (MEAs) for key markets based on evidence available
  • Develop of reimbursement dossiers, including:
    • Synthesizing clinical trial data and data gaps to support HTA evaluations
    • Reinforcing evidence arguments via systematic literature reviews (SLRs), meta-analyses and indirect comparisons
    • Developing cost effectiveness and budget impact models (as relevant)

LatticePoint engaged HTAs and payers in-country with the respective affiliate leaders and achieved target pricing and reimbursement in all countries.

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