Case Study

Thought Partnership – Case Study

Assessing Negotiation Outcomes to Rethink Development Planning



A Corporate Strategy Incubator at a multinational biopharma sought to examine the role and impact of data, evidence, competition, political issues and macroeconomic dynamics within local patient access negotiations.  The goal was to challenge internal assumptions and historical approaches to medicine development in order to think differently and objectively about what makes a product valuable in key markets to improve program planning for future medicines.

LatticePoint Engagement

LatticePoint was engaged to help assess various product launches from the past 10 years, examining over 4000 data points in 13 countries for approximately 30 products with the help of the Global Pricing and Data Analytics teams.  The results of the machine learning and statistical analysis were then discussed with in-country colleagues to better understand:


  • the dynamics surrounding the specific price negotiations, including competitive, political, etc.
  • areas where local data generation will support negotiations, especially in “fast to market” situations
  • other local dynamics, including the affiliate GM’s need to prioritize certain products over others
  • time to reimbursement vs. achieved net price to evaluate precision of pricing strategy
  • ways to ensure that country-level input is provided to development teams at an earlier stage, e.g., predictability of certain HTA measures, local competitive dynamics, etc.


The project output was used to develop a foundation for novel medicine access strategies, to think differently about fast to label vs. fast to market, and rethink prioritization strategies that support local affiliates when negotiating access.

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