provides pricing
and reimbursement consulting
services across the product lifecycle
We have particular areas of specialization:

Developing value based pricing
strategies for innovative technologies including orphan drugs

Tendering strategies for
competitive markets including optimal tender bidding strategies

Evidence-based Value
proposition development and communication

Conducting pricing research

Launch sequence optimization

Biosimilar entry or defense
strategies and tactics

Tender Strategy Development:

Tendering has become a common procurement method for payers to purchase pharmaceuticals and medical devices.  Developing a strategy for entering tenders is more complex and requires different techniques compared with traditional purchasing mechanisms.  We work with our clients to help them develop the organizational capabilities to successfully compete in tenders and provide structures that provide insights into tender design and bid-development.

In-licensing Assessments and Product Valuation:

We assist clients with due diligence for new product in-licensing opportunities and disease area assessments.

Optimizing launch sequence and revenue forecasting:

We optimize product launch sequence to maximize the full potential of your product.  We do this using a proprietary constrained optimization method that accounts for reference price effects and time to market.

Pricing Strategy Development and Price Setting:

We use a value-based pricing methodology that translates (monetizes) the benefits of your product, then test directly with our payer panel to ensure that price levels are acceptable when you seek reimbursement.  We work with clients to set prices on all types of products: from Biosimilars to ultra-orphan products with no comparators and everything in between.

Payer Value Proposition Development:

We translate be the underlying incremental benefits of your product into a language that are most meaningful to payers.

Pricing & Market Access Functional Capability Assessments:

With our partners at R-squared Learning solutions, we work with our clients to develop capability frameworks, then provide specific target learning environments to help our clients develop their people for the pricing and market access realities of the present and future.